Technology Consultancy


Technological challenges

  • Why do our IT projects overrun and fail to deliver?
  • We have too many IT systems doing the same thing.
  • How can I be sure that my IT function isn’t going to fall over?
  • My Company IT costs are too much. We don’t know how to do digital.
  • How do I know that I am getting what I expect from my IT programmer?
  • I believe I have an underperforming IT function. How does it compare to others?
  • We are not getting the value we need from our technology partners.
  • How do I know my IT function can adapt to changing priorities?
  • Is my IT function compliant with existing and new regulatory requirements?
  • I need to integrate the underlying technology following an acquisition very quickly.
  • We need to adopt new emerging technologies but don’t know how to proceed.
  • We have too many issues with IT and I’m
    not confident about their
  • We struggle to keep up with digital.

We advise CXOs to enable their businesses through


Adoption of emerging technologies (cloud, social, mobile) into their existing technology landscape

Directional clarity

Directional clarity and greater IT investment value through better IT governance, lower “IT Run” costs and new technology adoption

Greater IT operational

Greater IT operational value through optimized IT service delivery to the business’ employees, partners and customers

Rapid transition

Rapid transition through disorderly, high-risk IT events such as outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures IT Function Transformation consultants help clients develop the roadmap for their future state of IT, in alignment with business vision and considering their current IT capabilities and emerging technologies. They can traverse both business discussions and technology strategy and combine them to design the technology enablement roadmap for business. We have experienced consultants based in four metros to help clients across geographies and industry sectors.

Our differentiated service offerings address CIO challenges

Fluke Infotech have worked with some of the leading brands of different industry sectors and have significant experience across technology areas in addressing challenges faced by CIOs.

Key Challenges Our offerings

How do I know if my company’s IT can adapt to the changing priorities?

Technology strategy and operating model, Where do we start if we need an integrated business and technology future vision?

Enterprise architecture (EA), What are the emerging technologies
that we can adopt?

Digital strategy and innovation , How can I reduce cost of my IT set-up (infrastructure and services)?

Technology cost and value, How can I get the IT infrastructure/services I need at the right price?

IT sourcing/Procurement , We need help with integrating technology projects

IT Service management & Data Center Consultancy , How can I integrate the technology landscape, following an acquisition?

IT program management, What can I do to manage the issues with my IT system?

Delivering deal value through

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