Data Center Monitoring and Optimization

Thermal Risks in the data center must be monitored so they can be managed. Ensure 100% ASHRAE compliance at rack level, minimize downtime and increase equipment service life.

The second most common cause of unplanned data center downtime is failure to manage the thermal risks posed by overheating servers. Almost 1/3 of data center downtime can be traced to overheating. Due to this, many data centers mitigate the risks by overcooling, which results in wasted energy, increased carbon emissions and OpEx. With AKCP Thermal Map Sensors and AKCPro Server Heatmaps you can have the best of both worlds, identify hot spots and cold spots for optimal efficiency and lower PUE.

Comply with ASHRAE and Uptime Institute

with sensors placed at each rack you can ensure 100% compliance with ASHRAE and Uptime Institutes recommended temperatures and sensor placement. Sensors reduce the risk of thermal shutdowns, which account for 1/3 of data center outages.

Identify Hotspots before They are a Problem

With AKCPro Server Heatmaps hotspots are identified. Visual and audible alarms can be raised, SNMP traps, E-mail and SMS can be sent. With full SNMP V1/2/3 compatability it easily integrates with existing NMS, BMS and DCIM software.

Real-time Heatmaps

2D heatmaps constantly update with sensor data at rack level. With each rack having 6 temperature sensors (3 at front and rear, top middle and bottom) hotspots, high rack inlet temperatures and incorrect ∆T’s are quickly identified and alerted.

24/7/365 Thermal Optimization

Be pro-active with thermal management of your data center. Sense disaster and be put in control before critical infrastructure fails. As data center loads change identify areas of cost saving. Utilize sensors as an analysis tool not only for alerts.

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Central management and monitoring software for all AKCP devices. DCIM with focus on temperature and airflow analysis. 2D and 3D vizualitation of the data center with heatmaps, sensor constrained CFD and differential air pressures.


sensorCFD combines temperature and humidity mapping, non-invasive current metering and pressure sensors. 6x temperature, 1x humidity, 1x current, 2x pressure, 3x ∆T and 1x ∆P for a total of 14 sensors per rack. Data is collected for analysis by AKCPro Server producing sensor constrained CFD models.

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