Managed IT Services

Move from People Dependency to Process Dependency

Our Managed services helps you to improve service and portfolio resilience, reduce operational costs and align IT operations with business performance.

By outsourcing the IT divisional responsibilities to Fluke, companies can free up time for C-Levels to focus on the management of mission-critical initiatives, essentially removing concern for security from the pileup of responsibilities.

Service Categories

  Premium Gold Silver
Recruitment Consultancy - Advisory Team  
1st level Interview Filteration (with analysis report - text)
Candidate Analysis Report - Audio Format  
Candidate Analysis Report - Video Format    
Resource(s) Manager  
Quarterly Resource Upskilling (Team Gurukul)  
Backup Resource(s)    
Public Holiday Resource Availability    
Weekend Resource Availability  
Quarterly Feedback
48 - 72 Hr TAT to share profiles for newer requirements    
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